Black Cabinet Hacks for a Natural Bathroom

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Black Cabinet Hacks for a Natural Bathroom

Most black bathroom storage cabinet comes with modern and minimalist design. What if you want a black storage cabinet for a natural bathroom? You still can do it. There are several tricks for you.

Wood is always better.

Nothing better than wood material to emphasize the natural accent. It would be perfect if you choose wood as the main material for the cabinet. You can still have some mirror or glass surface to add more function and more shinny look to the cabinet.

Built-in cabinet

It will also be great to choose a built-in design. The built in design is more flexible to be combine with your natural bathroom. Let’s say your bathroom has granite backsplash or stone tile backsplash, the black cabinet would create a great contrast to the backsplash.

Simple organizer

You have to pay attention on the storage design. It is suggested for you to consider simple organizer. The black bathroom storage cabinet has already had a strong look, especially if you choose the one with more details. Too much organizer would make it look too full with too many stuffs. The simple organizer will keep you arrange the stuffs well so they will be easier to find.