How to Clean Wooden Corner Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

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How to Clean Wooden Corner Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Corner bathroom vanity cabinets will always be a great solution for limited spaced bathroom. But, it can give a serious cleaning problem. There are several tricks to clean the corner vanity in the bathroom effectively.

Clean the dust first. Before applying any cleaner, you have to clean the dust or any dry dirt at first. You can use a duster and a dust pan to clean the dry dirt. It will make you easier to inspect how dirty the cabinet is.

Prepare the right cleaner. To clean stubborn spots, you have to prepare the right cleaner for the wooden vanity. Avoid any abrasive cleaner such as detergent. To clean the stubborn spots, you can have vinegar and water. Mix 75% water and 25% vinegar, then apply it to the stubborn spots and cub it with wet towel. Use a sprayer to apply the vinegar and soft wash clothes. These will help you reach even the deepest part of the vanity. The vinegar would also be effective to clean the sink.

Hairdryer trick. The main problem of corner wooden vanity is humid spot and unreached spot. Blow every inch of the vanity with hair dyer. It will heat up the humid area and clean the dust in the un-reached area of your corner bathroom vanity cabinets.