Tips to Choose Colors to Paint a Bathroom so it will Look Larger

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Tips to Choose Colors to Paint a Bathroom so it will Look Larger

To expand the small bathroom may need amount of money and times. There is easy way to change small bathroom seem larger and do not require deep pocket. That is picking the right colors to paint a bathroom.

Bright colors

Bright colors would reflect most light that came into bathroom. More lights reflected in small bathroom, more spacious and airy your bathroom would be. However avoid the colors with brightest shade since too warm colors would make your small bathroom smaller instead of larger. Choose creamy colors, soft green or soft blue to brighten your bathroom.

Same tones

Once you pick certain wall colors that would brighten bathroom, do not pick other furniture or flooring with the exact colors. Just pick other colors with same tones. That way your bathroom will look luxurious like you would see in million dollars house.

Consider tile colors

The biggest space in the bathroom would be walls and flooring. Keep tile colors and walls colors in the same tones. Thus your bathroom will look larger. If tile and walls colors contrast one another, it would be too overwhelmed for the eyes.

Paint ceiling

Avoid white ceiling if your bathroom do not paint in white color too because your eyes will automatically attract to ceiling line. Paint ceiling with the same colors to paint a bathroom. That way your bathroom would look like one large bathroom.